Visit Blackpool Central Pier With Your Family

Blackpool is one of the most well-known vacation destinations in the United Kingdom. It is a historic and busy coastal town on the Irish Sea coast in North West England, with enough to do for the whole family.

Blackpool’s popularity grew throughout the Victorian period, when the railroad was built and linked the town to the rest of Northern England, as it did for many other British beach resorts. Along with the famous piers, the boardwalk was constructed, and the town was bustling with stores, cafés, theaters, trams, and donkey rides. Blackpool was formerly one of the most famous resorts in the UK, but as overseas tourism grew more popular, it fell out of favor. However, with current renovation, it is firmly planted on the tourism map and continues to draw millions of visitors each year.

The majority of the activity revolves on the famous six-mile-long boardwalk with three piers. North Pier is the longest and oldest of the three, having been constructed in the 1860s and including a modest retail arcade, theatre, and carousel. South Pier, which dates back to 1892 and is located opposite the Pleasure Beach, currently offers a variety of attractions and live entertainment.
The Central Pier, which is situated between them both, was constructed in 1864 as a result of the success of the North Pier. It currently houses a huge ferris wheel and an entertainment center.

Blackpool Central Pier Amusement Area

The arcade structure at the entry houses a world of entertainment, as well as the conventional world of carnival rides and the seaside pier beyond.The Central Pier Big Wheel is the beating heart of Blackpool’s Central Pier beachfront, as well as the hub of various recreation and entertainment activities. It’s a wonderful spot for a romantic trip since you can see for miles around, out to sea, and across the city.

The Big Wheel itself is a famous picture location since it is lighted with dazzling, multicolored lights every night. As a prominent feature of the Blackpool skyline, it looms above the surrounding theme park entertainments and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Play with the penny waterfalls and see if you can capture a toy in the grab machine. Some other family favourites include air hockey, pinball, and pool. In addition, all of your favorite slot machines and arcade games are available.
Blackpool Central Pier’s fairground rides
The rides do not take cash, so purchase your tickets ahead of time at the ticket counter. This link will take you to the ride price page. Tickets may be used only on the pier where they were bought.

Just be sure to check the height requirements for each ride first. Note that adults are not permitted on the children’s rides!

The Pirate’s Bay Family Bar is located at the far end of Blackpool Central Pier.
There is free entertainment for youngsters here every weekend and every day during the school vacations! With the Pirate’s Bay amusement crew, you may enjoy games, disco, singing, karaoke, and much more.

With its own amusement area, toy store, and Captain Cook’s food kiosk, it’s the ideal location for a day or evening of family fun.

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