The Most Famous Blackpool Landmarks

Image - Blackpool B&B - The Manor Grove

There a lot of amazing landmarks in Blackpool, so if you are just visiting the town for a holiday, these are the places you should definitely be aiming for. Just to name a few: The Golden Mile, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and Blackpool Tower. These are some of the most famous tourist attractions in Blackpool.

The Golden Mile is a busy shopping district in Blackpool. You can walk to a lot of different stores that sell everything from flowers to food. The Golden Mile has also been voted as the number one place to do holiday shopping by E! Today. The other shops in the area include: The Picnic Bar, Argosy’s Pet Food, Nuts shop, and many more.

Located on the southern end of the town, The Blackpool Pleasure Beach is also a very popular site for water sport lovers. It features a variety of fun water activities such as surfing, boogie boarding, wakeboarding, and more. On a clear day, you can even watch sunsets over the ocean. The Pleasure Beach is also a great place to sit and relax, especially for adults.
Blackpool Aquarium is one of the oldest aquariums in England. Built in 1880, it is still functioning today. You can visit the Blackpool Aquarium during various times of the year. During winter, it turns into a frozen fish pond. During summer, it is an open sea with all the natural creatures you could imagine living in it.

Blackpool Flesheron is also another popular attraction. If you are looking for a breathtaking view of the water, then you need to visit the Blackpool Flesheron. It offers the best views of the water from the highest points in the town. If you want to take in some local color along the way, there is the popular Water View Walk that covers several miles of waterfront.
The Gulliver’s Theme Park is also one place that needs to be mentioned. This amusement park is based on a Disney world concept and it is the largest theme park in England. There are several shows and special events that take place throughout the year, so this should always be one of your top picks. There is plenty of free entertainment and fun to be found here as well.

The beach is even lined with shops, bars, and other attractions for the entire family.

The Squidoo lens is the largest known lens on the planet. It can be seen in just about anywhere online that has internet access and is known all over the world. Visitors can view a very large selection of pictures here and also get to meet many individuals from around the world. The Squidoo site is also a great place to learn a little bit more about Blackpool itself.

If you would like to shop around a bit, you might want to stop by The St. George Market and look around. There are many popular places for shopping in town and some of them include The Quay Retail Park, which features retail outlets, as well as a pier and lots of other things to do. Another great place that is popular all year round is the Esplanade. Not only does it have plenty of great restaurants, but there is even a casino at the center. The Quayside Pleasure Pier also offers a nice walkway to the beach, and it is always packed with people.

Blackpool is a great place to go if you love shopping and experiencing new cultures. Most visitors to this town love both, and it is easy to see why. Take time to see all the great things to do while you are in Blackpool, and visit as many places of interest as you can.

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