The Manor Grove Guide – Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo is a 32-acre (13 hectares) zoo owned and maintained by Parques Reunidos and situated in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. The zoo has more than 1,350 animals from all around the globe.

The zoo opened in 1972 on the site of the Stanley Park Aerodrome, which had been demolished.

An interactive display containing 32 life-size dinosaur models was unveiled in 2005 as part of the ‘Dinosaur Safari’ tour. South American animals and birds, such as squirrel monkeys, may be seen in this walk-through enclosure.

Giraffes have been missing from the zoo for fourteen years as of 2008 when they were finally brought back. It cost more than £0.5m to build a new house for them, as well as new cages. Twenty Magellanic penguins from two Spanish conservation centers were to arrive at the zoo in the summer of 2009. There is a new sealion from Spain and a new £1 million sea lion pool that was opened in 2010. A year later, in 2011, the existing restaurant was expanded and refurbished.

Project Elephant Base Camp, a new elephant exhibit, debuted at the zoo in 2018.

The former Elephant and Reptile House has housed the bulk of the zoo’s reptile, amphibian, molluscs, and fish collections since the establishment of Project Elephant Base Camp. The following species can be found here: rhinoceros iguanas, reticulated pythons, red-footed turtles, leopard turtles, African clawed frogs, red-bellied piranhas, cockroaches from Madagascar, and many others. Caimans from Yacare are kept in the entryway. The house’s previous elephant enclosure is now home to a herd of camels.

Red pandas, orangutans, ostriches, zebras, lemurs, meerkats, otters, aardvarks, giant anteaters, mountain zebras, red river pigs, great grey owls, barn owls, tigers, lions, rainbow parakeets, gibbons, eastern white pelicans, and gigantic African land snails are among the numerous species you can find at the Blackpool zoo.

Wheelchairs and pushchairs can be rented at the zoo’s front desk for a small fee. The whole zoo is constructed on level ground, with easy access to all sections.In addition to two major dining options, Blackpool Zoo also has a number of small kiosks. A combination of hot and quick meals, salads and beverages are available at the Lakeview Cafe.

At the main entrance you can find a coffee shop that sells Starbucks drinks and light snacks. Pasta and rice dishes are on the menu at a new Asian styled restaurant near the Dinosaur Safari. Hot dogs, chips and drinks are available at the BBQ Kiosk throughout the summer.

It’s worth noting that there are two major stores in the zoo: one at the main entrance building and the other one next to the Amazonia exhibit.

You may rent out the zoo’s lecture hall and a smaller conference space for private meetings.

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