The Manor Grove Bed and Breakfast – Your Inclusive Accommodation

The Manor Grove B&B, located just behind the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, is a B&B that prides itself in being an inclusive place to stay for all individuals. As proud supporters of the LGBTQ+ community, and part of it ourselves, we invite everyone to our B&B.

There is already enough homophobia and hatred in the world, and if all you want is a break from that, you can be assured that we only want to cater to your needs.

Our rooms are single, double and family-sized, perfect for single men and ladies or for you and your partner.

Our rooms also are equipped with all the amenities to ensure that you enjoy your stay, and still have access to the outside world. We offer free Wi-Fi, a televisions and hairdryers in all of our rooms.

Privacy is also at the top of our priority list, with all of our rooms having an en-suite bathroom attached to them.

You can be yourself at the award-winning Manor Grove Bed & Breakfast. Contact us today for an affordable B&B in Blackpool.

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