Grundy Art Gallery – Explore Contemporary Art in Blackpool

The Grundy Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Blackpool. Its diverse programme includes exhibitions ranging from historic to the latest contemporary art. It was founded in 1911 and is operated by Blackpool Council.

The gallery is located in the traditional Edwardian building, added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 20, 1983, along with the adjacent Central Library. The gallery was designed by Cullen, Lockhead, and Brown and features two large columns that support a stone gable with an engraved Blackpool Borough crest.

The Grundy Art Gallery was commissioned by Blackpool Council in 1908 as a result of a gift of 33 artworks and a financial donation from brothers John and Cuthbert Grundy. The official gallery opening date is October 26, 1911.

A fund for new artworks acquisition was established in 1912 to supplement the 33 existing artworks, The collection of the gallery had outgrown the original building by the late 1930s, so two additional galleries were built in 1938.

Nowadays, the Grundy Art Gallery is a modern art gallery that hosts a variety of expositions that focus on historical and contemporary topics. Throughout the year, the gallery organizes cultural events and permanent displays that feature a diverse range of styles. Martin Creed, Laura Ford, Peter Liversidge, and Augustus John are among the renowned artists whose works are currently on display.

The Grundy Art Gallery houses a large collection of modern British artworks, Victorian oils and canvases, modern prints, eastern ivories, jewellery, porcelain, and Blackpool’s historical archives. Apart from modern art, the collection focuses on works of worldwide, national, or local importance.

The Grundy hosts a series of contemporary visual art exhibitions that feature the work of established and emerging artists from the UK and abroad, as well as historically significant artwork borrowed from the largest UK institutions and artifacts from its own collection.

The gallery’s collection includes nearly 2,000 specific artifacts and three gallery spaces. ‘A Girl Writing at a Desk’ by Harold Knight which appeared on the covers of two Virginia Woolf books is among the most famous exhibits. You could also see ‘Sanctuary Wood’ by Paul Nash and ‘Woods and Forests’ by John Linnel.

The Grundy Art Gallery is accessible via stairs, and the ground floor galleries have wheelchair access.

The Grundy shop specializes in handcrafted accessories by local artists.

There is a parking lot next to the gallery on Queen Street, and another nearby parking area is available for disabled badge holders. There are several additional car parks on nearby Talbot Road and East Topping Street.

The Grundy Art Gallery is definitely worth a visit in Blackpool. Admission is free all year round.

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